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Server Automation

If you've heard of Chef, Puppet, Capistrano or Ansible but have never used them in production, come along to this meetup to learn new tips and techniques. If you've never heard of them, then should definitely come along!

17th June '14

6-9pm @ The Church, JQ

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We'll be having four events per year - roughly one per quarter. The themes are below, and we'll announce a venue closer to the time.

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Want to meetup with like minded web geeks and developers? HydraHack is a chance to meetup with other developers to share ideas, techniques and code.

HydraHack provides food for your brain, and your belly with something hot and tasty and a free drink!

If you've not come along before you'll find a bunch of friendly, passionate and chatty developers who love what they do and have lots of interesting stuff to share. You don't have to bring a project, just come along, grab a drink and join us for a chat.

Some events will feature short 5 minute show and tell slots where you can share what you have been working on with others.


Many thanks to our great sponsors

It's a great meet up. The lightning show and tell give you a few new things that you would probably not hear about if you didn't go.
@hydrahack no better event for learning/networking in my opinion, yet it was all so friendly and informal.
Great evening tonight at @hydrahack, @playmycode was stunningly good - seems a better channel than Rasberry Pi to teach programming to kids.
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